Saving Money On Your Bills Each Month - Mar 2020

Figuring out ways to spend less money can be frustrating, but one of the best ways to start the process off, is to try and cut down your monthly expenses. By making these small, yet practical changes, it can really have a positive effect to your monthly bills.

1. Heating solutions. 
Bleeding your radiators is a quick, easy and free way to improve your radiators efficiency. Do this once every two months and it will save money from your energy bill.

Whilst we are on the riveting subject of radiators, it is very important not to block them! Anything that is covering your radiator will reduce the flow of hot air which ultimately makes your boiler work harder, resulting in money being unnecessarily wasted.

Draught proof your home. Keep any draughts out by fitting an internal flap for your letterbox, using rubber strips to seal floorboard gaps and place rugs on any bare floorboards, this will reduce unwanted cold air coming through.

2. Install a programmable thermostat
Installing a programmable thermostat offers many benefits. Having the ability to control when and how long your heating comes on for, can save you money. According to Compact Appliance, “for every degree you raise or lower, you can save up to 2 percent on your utility bill.” Having access from your mobile is incredibly efficient. Unlike self-timing heating systems, with the thermostat mobile app you can be sure your heating is only being used when someone is in; there is no point it being on if no one is going to be home for hours! Be smarter with your money.

3. Install CFL or LED light bulbs
If you have never changed your lightbulbs before, now is the time! Make the switch to CFLs or LED, these bulbs are around four times more efficient than the traditional light bulb. “Even switching just, the five most-used light bulbs in your home could save you upwards of £30 a year on your electric bill", says The Simple Dollar. 

4. Switch to a cheaper supermarket
Rather than using your mainstream, more popular supermarkets, try the cheaper ones. According to an article on Echo, they compared shopping prices across three different supermarkets for a typical weekly shop. Aldi came in at the cheapest with a total of £26.86, followed by Asda as £28.72 and then lastly £31.68. Despite £4.82 a week not sounding a lot, it does save you a total of £250.64 a year.

5. Are you paying too much council tax?
On average, 400,00 homes are in the wrong council tax band. With this free online checker, make sure you aren’t paying too much!

Implementing even just a few of these suggestions can make a real impact on your household’s monthly outgoings. None of them are impractical or unapproachable, so there are no excuses to save the pennies! If you are looking to save for your first deposit, our expert agents can help. Just complete our online evaluation and find out your properties value in under ten minutes!

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